Our Mission: To provide insight and empathy to our employees and customers to ensure the best practices for a CDC-approved office space.

Modify Your Workspace

  • 5Adding Height to Dividers
  • 5Adding Screens to High Risk Areas
  • 5Adding Work Stations
  • 5Increasing User Square Footage
  • 5Reorganizing Floorplate

Personal Accommodations

  • 56 Feet Circumference
  • 5Keep Aisle-Ways De Congested (One Way)
  • 5Use Protective Gear and Cleaning Products
  • 5Lower the Occupancy in Rooms
  • 5Be Mindful of Individual's Concerns

Modular and Fixed Screens

Social Distancing Floorplans

We’re Westfall – A Group of dedicated and experienced professions who will guide you throughout this complex process. Our team is well-positioned to deliver a positive experience because we excel at communication, responsiveness, and providing the best product solutions. We listen and pay careful attention to the details so that when you work with us you feel comfortable and fully informed. we help you to achieve your business goals and create a workplace environment that you and your employees will love.

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